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See comments from clients on the 24/7 Payment Platform, for prepaid electricity in Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Eskom and elsewhere.

Uniclox would like to thank the advisor at Prepaid24 with assisting us with the query we had. He provided friendly and efficient customer service. Keep up the good work! Posted via HelloPeter by Andri J from on 23rd September 2020
Had an issue that I couldn't resolve alone but a Consultant at the call center was fantastic and solved my issue - even when I had to leave the chat to go to work. You are a star! Posted via HelloPeter by Rita S from on 20th September 2020
Awesome service from Prepaid24 ......... issue sorted in minutes! Posted via HelloPeter by Marc W from on 18th September 2020
Thanks to the Prepaid24 advisor for swiftly and efficiently resolving my problem with a prepaid transaction. Posted via HelloPeter by Charles D from on 17th September 2020
I had a bit of trouble to buy electricity online for my mother. I was referred to see if I could do it via Prepaid24. After the initial questions completed, the site informed me that my meter was not linked. Then I saw the site has a Live Chat link. I connected with a gentleman . He assisted me by even linking my mother's meter so that I can buy her electricity online. He even called me to confirm what the process is supposed to be but he went the extra mile to do the linking himself. Thank you because my day was made by your friendly and patient service!!! Posted via HelloPeter by Griffen W from on 14th September 2020
Good customer service from a consultant at Prepaid24. I was having trouble downloading the new Prepaid24 Android App onto my home screen, and they went above and beyond to try and assist me. It's thanks to him that I eventually was able to get the App onto my home screen. He was extremely helpful, pleasant and patient, and a huge thanks to him and Prepaid24 for all your help and assistance. Posted via HelloPeter by Maxine from on 14th September 2020
It was a Saturday afternoon and I needed help. So I used their Live chat facility. They were brilliant and professional and stayed with me "Online" until my problem was resolved. Prepaid 24, should be very very proud of their company. Posted via HelloPeter by Bernie from on 12th September 2020
I received the best service ever from an Advisor. It is an absolute pleasure doing business with Prepaid24 because of their star employees. Posted via HelloPeter by Joe van der Walt from on 7th September 2020
Excellent service! Posted via HelloPeter by Johanna B from on 7th September 2020
I Received great assistance on their "Live chat" contact method. Posted via HelloPeter by Jana H from on 3rd September 2020
The Online Consultant from Prepaid 24 helped me solve my query quick and easy. Within in a quick matter of time I had my answer and was very happy. Posted via HelloPeter by Hardus L from on 2nd September 2020
I have received excellent service from Prepaid 24. They have contacted Eskom while I could not get through and the made sure I have electricity in my house, thank you Prepaid 24 keep up the work. I am a happy customer. Posted via HelloPeter by Ibusiso M from on 2nd September 2020


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